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Local 1857


Local 1857 consists of three bargaining units representing approximately 1,000 King County Library System employees. The Local has its own constitution, holds regular membership meetings, and elects its own officers from the membership.

Local 1857 currently includes three bargaining units: the Main Unit (organized in 2000) the Page Unit (organized in 2007), and the Maintenance Workers Unit (organized in the 1990s).


The Local 1857 constitution outlines membership, meeting structure, officer duties, and standing committees. The constitution may be amended, revised, or otherwise changed by a majority vote of the members voting on such proposed change and such change shall take effect only upon written approval of the AFSCME International President.

Local 1857 Constitution Final Revised 2016

Union Structure

WSCCCE – Council 2



Local 1857 is a member of Council 2, the Washington State Council of County and City Employees. WSCCCE represents more than 16,000 employees who provide services to the citizens of Washington State.

Council 2 assigns a Staff Representative to work with Local 1857. This position facilitates the Local’s contract negotiations, and participates in Labor/Management, membership, and Executive Board meetings.

You can click here to learn more about our union’s history and structure.


Latest Posts


For Women’s History Month, Let’s Celebrate Women’s Contributions to Labor (With Some Books!)

March is Women’s History Month, a time to highlight and honor women’s contributions to history, culture and society . This year’s theme is “Women Who Tell Stories,” which recognizes “women, past and present, who have been active in all forms of media and storytelling including print, radio, TV, stage, screen, blogs, podcasts, news, and social…

Council 2 Scholarship Deadline is Fast Approaching

​Attention ​Local 1857 members! If you or your dependents are planning to pursue higher education this year, don’t miss the opportunity to apply for Council 2 scholarships. ​Last year, Council 2 awarded over $65,000 in memory of our late Local 1857 member Jennie Westlund, in addition to other awards. ​The deadline for submitting your applications…

2022 1857-Main Executive Board Election Results

Our recent nomination meeting brought on several new Members as we said goodbye and thanks to others. Here’s the current make-up of the board: President – Kim AtchleyVice President / Chief Steward– Rai Yiannakos*Secretary – Elaine Ang*Treasurer – Victoria KunzeLTA at Large – Linda JarvisLTA at Large – Christi Wheelock*Librarian at Large – Jennifer Duffy*PSA at…

Union Election! 2022 Edition.

Want to make a meaningful contribution to our union and help shape our priorities? Please consider joining your Local 1857 Executive Board during this upcoming annual election! The following positions are ending their term and open for re-election:● Vice-President Two Year Term● Secretary Two Year● Page-at-Large One Year● Page-at-Large One Year● LTA-at-Large One Year● LTA-at-Large…

Hardship Fund Wrap Up Spring 2022

The Local 1857 Hardship Fund has concluded its second year successfully with grants given to 54 members in good standing.  The Hardship Fund was an idea borne of the knowledge that this past year our members were affected by economic downturns and fewer available KCLS hours to supplement our paychecks.  This reality – combined with…