Members for the “KCLS Policies Committee”

  • Goal of the committee: To be a watchdog, in the interests of staff, of policies set by KCLS.
  • Tasks: Read any draft policy changes that occur and provide comment to the union leadership.
  • Who is needed: Local 1857 members varied classifications and locations.
  • Time commitment: not extensive
  • Meetings: All work is currently by email.
  •  Contact: Andy Wickens alwickens at gmaiI dot com

Book, Movie, and website reviewers for the “KCLS Voice” newsletter

  • Goal: Provide our Local 1857 members with informative and entertaining resources about union life. Tasks: Read or view a book, movie, or website, write a review (we’ll provide guidelines), and send to the newsletter editor.
  • Who is Needed: Any interested Local 1857 member! Experience reviewing or writing-for-publication not necessary (we’re all just learning!).
  • Time Commitment: Depends on item reviewed, the reviewer, and the number of reviewers in the group. One reviewer/review needed for each issue.
  • Meetings: All work is by email.
  • Misc: A list of suggested books, movies, and websites will be provided; reviewers are welcome to look for items outside the list.
  • Contact: Stanley Brooks 206-354-9834

Members for the Communications Committee

  • Goal: To develop the Union’s communication network and discuss problem-solving and inspire more Union participation.
  • Tasks: Various; some members choose to work on specific activities (newsletter, website, participation, media,alerts – either alone or in groups.  All participate in meetings and email discussion, offering ideas, insights, opinions, etc.
  • Who is needed: Anyone interested in participating is welcome.
  • Contact: Stanley Brooks 206-354-9834