LTA-at-Large Candidate Statements

My name is Linda Jarvis and I am seeking re-election for the position of LTA-at-Large for our Union’s eBoard. I am a LTA in the Olympic region and my pronouns are she/her.  

I believe communication is a key factor in our Union’s success. I have regularly attended the Listening Sessions and eBoard Meetings. I pass concerns and questions from our membership to our Union leadership team and diligently seek answers to those questions. 

Thank you for your consideration. 


My name is Marci Pfeiffer. I currently desire to contribute more to Local 1857 than just paying my dues. I can do that by filling one of the positions on the executive board as “LTA-at-Large”. 

I have a long history as a employee of KCLS with over 20 years of experience as a page, LA, and LTA. I have spent the majority of my career with KCLS in what is now the Cascade region. I transferred to the Cedar region recently to lessen my commute. 

In the past I have been engaged in the Union. I was involved in the efforts to form this Local. The position of secretary was filled by me during the time Carrie Rolph was president. I’ve served on the executive board in an “at-Large” position during those years as well. My three year term as a Trustee for the board expired this year. 

These experiences have proven to me how important having a Local is for the services it provides to members, and the impact the board has on the working conditions of KCLS employees.  

I would love to bring my energy, time, and knowledge to the current board while providing a fresh perspective to the workings of the board. 

Thank you for voting,  


My fellow colleagues, I am grateful for your consideration in joining the local 1857 E-board as one of your LTA-at-large representatives. 

This would not be my first time on the E-board, I served as both page and LTA representatives prior to 2019, starting with sharing my perspective during the JLMC safety meetings, then working with the contract negotiations team and serving on the safety committee.  

I have broad experience working throughout the system, at 43 locations in different capacities. Those who have worked with me in circulation and on committees, know I bring innovation that focuses on the finer details, with a greater picture in mind.  

I understand the importance of representing all kcls staff and have regularly been available to listen to your concerns in the workplace.  

I ask for your vote and thank you for your consideration. 

In solidarity,  

Jordan E Hoerth

Lakeview LTA 

worker puts ballot in ballot box

Union Elections

Union elections were held at the General Membership meeting on Friday, November 3.  Victoria Kunze was elected as our new President, leaving a vacancy at Treasurer.  Mary Dempsey was voted into that role.  To see the complete roster of the E-board, please visit our Officers page.

There will be an election to fill our 2 LTA-at-large positions as there are 3 candidates.  Ballots will soon be mailed to your home from Council 2, so make sure your address on file is up to date in order to receive your ballot.  Statements from each candidate will be posted here the day the ballots are mailed.  The deadline for returning them will be included on the ballot, and posted here.  The two candidates with the highest number of votes will be seated on the E-board for the year.

Standing Together

This month, Brave Books used meeting rooms in BE and BU to host anti-LGBTQ+ programs as part of a nationwide event. While the group does not align with KCLS values, the requests did fit within the meeting room use policy, and were allowed to occur.  KCLS administration tried to support the staff in those buildings, as did our Union.  With the help of Rai Yiannakos, our former president and current member of 1857S, we were able to contract with a local artist to produce buttons for staff at these buildings to wear to demonstrate our support of the LGBTQ+ community.  We are so grateful to Edward C for these amazing creations!  To see more of his work, take a look at his professional Instagram @transghostart.  We are proud to support our LGBTQ+ staff and community members.