Write to support KCLS workers

King County Library System’s administration is fighting to keep its workers from receiving a fair contract. We need to show them that King County cares about its Library Workers, and will fight for them.

Please email the following three addresses.

Gary Wasdin, Library director, gawasdin@kcls.org

Cynthia McNabb, Human Resources Director, cjmcnabb@kcls.org

Library Board of Trustees, boardoftrustees@kcls.org

Sample email

Subject: Thank you and keep it up!


I first wanted to take the time to say thank you. I really care about the treatment of King County Library workers; and I was so glad to hear that you will be paying your employees their 2016 cost of living increases in full.

I hope as negotiations continue you will make appropriate Cost of Living Adjustments so that workers will not take a loss in pay, due to increased out of pocket medical benefits you are offering them. I hope that KCLS will recognize that Pages deserve benefits, and for KCLS to begin offering more 20-hour page positions.

Thank you for supporting you staff, I look forward to hearing more positive news from library workers about your willingness to meet their reasonable demands, and your continued efforts to give them a fair contract.

Thank you,

(Your Name)