Stick figures with linked arms


BIPOC Committee

BIPOC union advocacy and support group

The committee are all BIPOC union members. We are here to create a safe place to listen and to navigate challenges at the workplace. Discussions are confidential.


  • Elaine Ang
  • Ann Crewdson
  • Hayley Park


Communications Committee

Seeking to encourage engagement among union membership, improve awareness of the what the union is doing, and to provide more insight into union activities.


  • Rai Yiannakos
  • Emily Lofquist
  • Jason Allen
  • Jennifer Duffy


LGBTQ+ Committee

The committee are all LGBTQ+ union members. We hope to create a more accepting work environment and a safe space to listen to, advocate for, and support LGBTQ+ colleagues.

  • Jess Gray (chair)
  • Emily Lofquist (member)