Contract Results

All three contracts were voted on, and all the ballots were counted and confirmed on December 10th. The breakdown for the contracts was the following:

1857 Main: 213 Yes, 23 No

1857 Page: 58 Yes, 4 No

1857 Facilities: 5 Yes, 0 No

The ratified contract will start January 1, 2022.

Many thanks to the bargaining committee for their months of hard work. And a HUGE thank you to all who voted. Regardless of what you voted for, the union is YOU and you were heard. Thanks to all for attending the listening sessions, to the stewards for answering questions, and for bringing those questions to Union leadership to confirm answers. We appreciate ALL of our Union members!

Leave Bank

you_are_the_unionURGENT:  Donate some of your vacation hours to our Local 1857 Union Leave Bank in April!  You can donate as little as 1 hour, but please support the union and donate something.  The union works hard for its member, and this is a time for the members to show their support for their union.  These hours make sure our dedicated officers and union stewards are fairly compensated for the time they put in for the benefit of everyone.  Talk to your Union Stewards for more information.  Please support your union and the people who work hard on your behalf.  Download the form below, fill it out/sign it/date it, then either hand it to your union steward or mail the form in (the address is on the bottom of the form).

Print out the Union Leave Bank transfer form here.

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Page Tentative Agreement

We’re pleased to announce we have reached a tentative agreement with KCLS for the Local 1857 Page Unit contract. Ballots will be mailed as soon as possible to all Pages at the home address Council 2 has on file.  If you need to update your mailing address with Council 2, please fill out this form.
More information:
Questions can be sent to or brought to the November 3rd General Membership meeting at Service Center.
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Main Unit Final Offer

View the full final offer from KCLS for the main unit contract.

View the summary of changes for the main unit offer.

After 11 months of bargaining, KCLS and Local 1857 did not reach agreement on wages or medical benefits.  The offer you are voting on includes KCLS’ final offer on those two topics.  The bargaining committee feels that these proposals are too much of a takeaway, and will open the door to even more drastic changes to benefits in future years.  We are recommending that the membership vote no on this offer.