Hardship Fund Wrap Up Spring 2022

The Local 1857 Hardship Fund has concluded its second year successfully with grants given to 54 members in good standing. 

The Hardship Fund was an idea borne of the knowledge that this past year our members were affected by economic downturns and fewer available KCLS hours to supplement our paychecks.  This reality – combined with careful stewardship of union finances and decreased costs to our union during the pandemic – created an opportunity to again award members grants of $400. 

It is the strength of our Union and the support of our fellow members which make this possible.

This year saw an increase in participation and repeated validation of the need to support each other in various ways. We learned the awards helped members make car payments, pay student loans, close out medical bills, reduce debts and better care for children and parents among other necessities. Applicants stated they didn’t wish to take away from others more in need and were grateful for this economic grant made possible by our membership. 

The Executive Board is thankful for the input of members in designing this program and the efforts of the Task Force which carried it out.  In this second year of the Hardship Fund we built on our experience from last year and further refined our systems for promoting, communicating and delivering the awards.

Current Union Contracts and Meetings

Looking for our current contracts?

You can now find the 2022-2024 Facilities Unit, Main Unit and Page Unit contracts on our website under “About Local 1857” at “Union Contracts.” We encourage all members to take some time to read through them. As always, please contact Union leadership, our Staff Representative or your local Steward about any questions/concerns—or bring them to a listening session!

The 2022 schedule for all bi-monthly general member listening sessions, quarterly general membership meetings and executive board meetings are on our website under “Meetings.”

Contract Ballots Due

Have you mailed your ballot?

Council 2 office must receive your mailed ballot by Thursday, December 9, 2021 by 5pm. Not postmarked by then, but received. Ballots will be counted on Friday, December 10. Instructions on how to access voting documents, and how to cast your ballot were included with your mailed ballot.

If you haven’t mailed your ballot yet, please do so as soon as possible.

1857 Main Executive Board Election Results

Our recent nomination meeting brought on several new Members as we said goodbye and thanks to others. Welcome to our new and current 1857 Main Executive Board!

President – Kim Atchley*

Vice President – Peter Cole

Secretary – Vacant

Treasurer – Victoria Kunze
Page at Large – Kelly Millman
Page at Large – Jess Gray*
LTA at Large – Linda Jarvis*
LTA at Large – Don Isaacs
Librarian at Large – Emily Lofquist
PSA at Large – Rai Yiannakos
Maintenance at Large – Jennifer Duffy
All Other Classifications at Large – Jason Allen
Trustee – Fikret Velic*

*New eboard member! Let them know you appreciate their time and energy on our behalf.

Many thanks to:

● Catherine Reece for her years of good work on the Executive Board representing LTAs.
● Rai Yiannakos for graciously stepping in as Interim President from June–November.
● Anne Shantz for her great work as Treasurer.

Our Secretary position is open and will be filled by appointment by the eboard. If you are interested, or have any questions, please email us at eboard@kclsvoice.org.

Upcoming Member Listening Sessions

Sunday, November 14, 7pmLGBTQ+ Union Member Listening Session for LGBTQ+ members (led by the LGBTQ+ committee)

Monday, November 15, 7pm General Union Member Listening Session for all 1857 members (led by Chief Steward/Vice President Peter Cole)

Thursday, December 2, 7pm General Union Member Listening Session for all 1857 members (led by Chief Steward/Vice President Peter Cole)

To access Zoom links for upcoming member listening sessions locate the “1857 updates” email sent on 11/1 from C2everett in your personal email. If you cannot find the emails please contact eboard@kclsvoice.org.