Local Union Officer Positions

The following positions will be open for nominations at the November 3rd General Membership Meeting:

  • President (two-year term)
  • Treasurer (two-year term)
  • Librarian-at-large (one-year-term)
  • LTA/LA-at-large (one-year-term)
  • PSA-at-large (one-year-term)
  • Page-at-large (one-year-term)
  • Page-at-large (one-year-term, two positions)
  • Maintenance Worker-at-large (one-year-term)
  • All Other Classifications-at-large (one-year-term)
  • Trustee (three-year term)

Nominations can be made at the November 3rd General Membership meeting at Service Center, or by contacting Election Committee Chair Sally Hasert at shasert@msn.com

For more information about the open positions, see below:

These positions are part of an eleven-member executive board, which governs the local when a membership meeting is not in session. The board makes decisions on financial transactions and communication to the membership. These positions also provide feedback and context for the staff representative and president, particularly for the classification group they represent.

At-large members do not have assigned officer duties, but often help with meeting and union event coordinating and setup, member education and communication, and union-related political action. There is a wide range of options, depending on a person’s interest and skills. For someone interested in taking on more of a leadership role in the union, an at-large position is an excellent first introduction to how the union functions.

Here are some of the leadership possibilities AFSCME lists for officers: “Local union leaders also have leadership responsibilities: … These are the tasks that build the organization and lay the groundwork for future growth and success. Effective leaders include these kinds of tasks among their priorities, along with their administrative roles. Typical leadership tasks include: • Creating a one-on-one communication structure; • Recruiting members to become involved in the union’s activities; • Educating members on issues/problems facing the union through meetings, newsletters and emails; • Creating opportunities for membership activity • Organizing non-members and unrepresented workers; • Self-assessments and planning.”

These positions require a small time commitment, primarily to in-person meeting attendance at monthly executive board or membership meetings. Meetings usually last between 2-3 hours. Some occasional information may also be sent out by email. Officers who work on additional tasks for the union may spend an additional two to three hours a month working on union-related tasks.

The treasurer oversees all aspects of the local’s finances and holdings, and is the primary officer responsible for tracking expense reports and checking for accuracy. They submit monthly financial reports to the executive board and are responsible for periodic reports and statements to Council 2 and AFSCME. They manage the locals bank accounts, keep organized records for the annual trustee audit and help prepare a yearly budget for the local.

This position requires a moderate time commitment, mostly to in-person meeting attendance at executive board and membership meetings, and regular time to process and filing the locals financial information. A Treasurer can expect to volunteer approximately four hours of their time a month preparing reports, in addition to a two to three hour executive board or membership meeting. Access to a computer with internet access and Excel are also important. The Treasurer serves a two-year term from November-November.

The president oversees the administrative operations of Local 1857, presides over all membership and executive board meetings, serves as one of the primary contacts for members, attends Labor/Management and other meetings with KCLS administration, works with the staff representative to coordinate contract negotiations, counter-signs checks, is a member of all local union committees (except election committees) and periodically reports to the executive board and membership on the “state of the local.”

From AFSCME: “As the spokesperson of the union leadership to the rank-and-file membership, the president should regularly communicate the union’s vision, direction and goals. The president must also be a good listener and should seek out the views and ideas of fellow officers as well as those of the membership. The president’s role is like that of a team captain, one who can focus on issues and problems and motivate people to work together toward achieving common goals. The president is also the union’s representative to the community.”

This position requires a significant time commitment, both to in-person meeting attendance throughout the KCLS service area, and to communication via e-mail and phone. Some meetings with KCLS administration may occur on work time, but anyone in this position will likely volunteer at least a few hours a week of their time to union-related duties.

Trustees are responsible for the auditing of the local’s finances, and that they membership has a full and transparent accounting of union funds. They are independent of the executive board, and do not have to attend executive board meetings. Trustees are elected to a three-year term, but only meet one day per year, usually in late summer or early fall, to review the locals financial documents.