Union Election! 2022 Edition.

Want to make a meaningful contribution to our union and help shape our priorities? Please consider joining your Local 1857 Executive Board during this upcoming annual election!

The following positions are ending their term and open for re-election:

Vice-President Two Year Term
Secretary Two Year
Pageat-Large One Year
Page-at-Large One Year
LTA-at-Large One Year
LTA-at-Large One Year
Librarian-at-Large One Year
PSA-at-Large One Year
Maintenance-at-Large One Year
All Other Classifications-at-Large One Year
Trustee Three Year

Nominations will be taken at our General Membership Meeting on Friday, November 4th starting at 7pm via Zoom, or can be submitted in advance to Election Chair (and outgoing Vice President) Peter Cole. Reach Peter at chiefstewardlocal1857@gmail.com.

Any nominee who does not decline the nomination is assumed to be interested in running. Nominees do not need to be present on 11/4 to be nominated. If only one nomination is received for any open position, they will be elected by acclamation. Any positions with more than one nominee will be voted on by the Local1857 membership via an election conducted by US Mail during the month of November. Common to all positions, is a commitment to meet monthly, currently virtually, on Friday evenings.

Thank you for considering joining the Executive Board. New ideas, perspectives and insight are welcome and good for our Union!