Executive Board Candidate Statements

Hello all,

At our November 1, 2019 General Membership meeting, we completed the nominations process for the open executive board positions mentioned in our previous communications. In a bit of exciting news, we have an election for the LTA-at-Large position! The three candidates (Jordan Hoerth, East; Don Isaacs, Bellevue; and Catherine Reece, Northcentral) were asked to provide candidate statements to help our members make an informed decision. We will be posting these statements below as they come in.

Make sure to keep an eye out for your ballots (they should be arriving in your home mailbox shortly), and if you need to update your address with Council 2, you can do so by Clicking Here to renew your membership.

Thank you for reading, and best of luck to all three candidates!

Jordan Hoerth


My name is Jordan E Hoerth and I am an LTA in the (Currently) East Region, and I am one of the 3 candidates running for the LTA-at-Large position for Local 1857.
I first became involved in the union as a page after the regional safety meetings, implemented with the union collaborative Joint Labor Management Committee 4 years ago.
It was there I was able to find my voice as a union member and speak about the many inconsistencies I faced as a page. Issues many pages still face today that effect all positions in KCLS.
At the time I worked 2 jobs, was on the contract negotiations committee, and served a term on the Safety Committee. I thank the Union for these opportunities and would love to continue my work representing the unrepresented.
I would like to see more uniformity in the duties between Pages and LTA’s. I remember subbing as a page and facing issues for not knowing certain duties that only LTA’s did at my main branch.
I believe that more specific outlines of duties will help protect staff work from Volunteer time, will help create a more direct training ladder of growth for Pages to learn LTA work, and also create clear uniform duties for substitute staff.
I also believe this will show a more accurate grid of staffing needs between page work done by LTA’s and show a stronger need for increasing page hours.

I thank you for your time and I hope to have your vote brothers and sisters.- Jordan Elliot Hoerth

Don Isaacs

Hello my name is Don Isaacs and I am an LTA at the Bellevue branch.  I have worked for KCLS for 34 years and have been a member of our Union since before it was a Union as I was part of the organizing committee. This year I was awarded the Mary Hershey Award from Council 2’s Women’s Action Committee.  This award is given to a Union brother or sister that has committed much time and energy to grow and sustain our Union and to represent us all when dealing with management.  I was honored to receive this award but was also  very shocked as I feel I have not done enough to be a recipient of this honor.  So that is why I am again running for a position on the Union Executive Board.

Catherine Reece

Hello – My name is Catherine Reece and I’m running for the LTA at Large position on our union’s eboard (executive board).   A little about me personally: I have been married for 42 years and have two grown children.  My loves are my family, working with children, reading (of course), dogs, cooking, and crafting.  I have lived all over the country – South, Midwest, West and the Pacific Northwest.  We have lived in King County for over 23 years.  

A little about me as a kcls employee and a union member:  I started at kcls in 2000 as a Page and have been an LTA for the last 19 years.  For the first 11 years I was a part time LTA, and then became a full time LTA 8 years ago.  During the years that I was a part time LTA, I subbed at every cluster in kcls.  As I was working part time as an LTA, and subbing as an LTA, I also worked a second job at an elementary school library for 12 years.  I understand first hand the issues of part time and full time LTAs and I constantly push for better treatment for LTAs and all staff.  For over 12 years I have assisted staff as a Union Steward.  I have brought many issues to the attention of our eboard and I have answered questions and concerns when staff contact me.  I would very much like to continue to be the voice on our union’s eboard for all kcls staff.  I would appreciate your vote. 

Thank you.