May Day for Our Union

Local 1857 celebrates today and recognizes the struggle and effort and success of all workers  to organize and advocate for improved working conditions.  There is much to be proud of and much more work to be done.

Learn about this day of labor history, here. Learn more of our Locals’ history here.

Here at KCLS we have a Contract which guides wages, healthcare costs, breaks, hiring and myriad facets of our day to day employment.  We meet regularly with Management in consultation with policies and directions for the organization and can make a real difference in the results. 

A recent past example of our Unions success is the Re-Org Process of our regions which is an ambitious plan and was made more thoughtful, concerted and transparent  with considerable Union input and effort.  At the moment, KCLS’s hard work to open our branches safely include local 1857 representation guided by Member feedback.

On an individual basis, a persons experience with an unskilled manager or a flawed hiring process, eg,  can result in  Union intervention to remedy and improve the situation and outcome.

Local 1857 is part of a rich labor history which is built on our efforts to  make our Union strong, responsive and effective.

Proudly and In Solidarity, Happy May Day!

Peter Cole, Vice President and Chief Steward