Annual 1857 Election

Please consider joining the Local 1857 Executive Board during this upcoming annual election. This is a significant way to contribute to our Union and to be part of shaping priorities and helping in the vital work of representing our Members as a collective resource.

The following positions are ending their term and open for re-election:

Vice President Two Year Term

Secretary Two Year

Page at Large One Year

Page at large One Year

LTA at Large One year

Librarian at Large One year

PSA at Large One Year

Maintenance at Large One Year

All Other Classifications at Large One Year

Trustee Three Year

Descriptions of job duties can be found here, as listed in our Constitution.

Nominations will be taken at our General Membership Meeting on Friday, November 6 starting at 7pm via Zoom, or can be submitted in advance to Election Chair Victoria Kunze. Reach Victoria at

Any nominee who does not decline the nomination is assumed to be interested in running. Nominees do not need to be present on 11/6 to be nominated.

If only one nomination is received for any open position, they will be elected by acclamation. Any positions with more than one nominee will be voted on by the Local 1857 membership via an election conducted by US Mail during the month of November.

Common to all positions, is a commitment to meet monthly, currently virtually, on Friday evenings. Thank you for considering joining the Executive Board. New ideas, perspectives and insight are welcome and good for our Union.

AFSCME International Convention 2020

Convention Call

The 44th International Convention of the American Federation of State, County, and Municipal Employees, AFL-CIO, will be held virtually on Thursday August 13th, 2020, beginning at 11am PT. The international Union Virtual Convention will continue on Friday, August 14, 2020 at 11am PT, and thereafter recess until Wednesday, September 2, 2020 at 11am PT for the completion of the election and installation of International Officers.


Local 1857 and Local 1857-S can send

  • Five (5) Delegates
  • Five (5) Alternates

AFSCME has authorized temporary election procedures suspending the requirement for in-person nominations.  This year, nominations will be accepted via e-mail to election chairperson Peter Cole at Nominations are open through June 24th. 

Nominations must include the following information:

  • Name of Member Making the Nomination
  • Name of Member Being Nominated
  • Contact E-mail or Phone number for Nominee (we must verify if they accept or decline their nomination.)
  • If they are being nominated as a DELEGATE or as an ALTERNATE. They can only be placed on the ballot in one category.

If five nominees or fewer are received each for delegate and alternate positions, the nominees will be declared elected by acclamation. If either position has more than five nominees, the membership will elect delegates or alternates via an election conducted by US Mail in June and July.

Convention Attendance

Union members in good standing who are elected to represent Local 1857 at Council 2 and AFSCME international conventions are expected to participate in the business of the convention and report back to the membership. 

Delegates and alternates are expected to spend the majority of their time on the convention floor or in their seating area during each day of the convention. If needed, members should rotate responsibility for staying throughout the close of business.

A short report from each member attending should be submitted in writing to the Local President and Treasurer by e-mail no later than 30 days after the convention and will be attached to any related expense reports for trustee review.

Attendance at conventions is how we influence the policies and direction of our state council and international union.  Attendees have an opportunity to talk to union members throughout the country, learn about labor history and the role of unions in workers’ lives.

For more information about the convention, visit

May Day for Our Union

Local 1857 celebrates today and recognizes the struggle and effort and success of all workers  to organize and advocate for improved working conditions.  There is much to be proud of and much more work to be done.

Learn about this day of labor history, here. Learn more of our Locals’ history here.

Here at KCLS we have a Contract which guides wages, healthcare costs, breaks, hiring and myriad facets of our day to day employment.  We meet regularly with Management in consultation with policies and directions for the organization and can make a real difference in the results. 

A recent past example of our Unions success is the Re-Org Process of our regions which is an ambitious plan and was made more thoughtful, concerted and transparent  with considerable Union input and effort.  At the moment, KCLS’s hard work to open our branches safely include local 1857 representation guided by Member feedback.

On an individual basis, a persons experience with an unskilled manager or a flawed hiring process, eg,  can result in  Union intervention to remedy and improve the situation and outcome.

Local 1857 is part of a rich labor history which is built on our efforts to  make our Union strong, responsive and effective.

Proudly and In Solidarity, Happy May Day!

Peter Cole, Vice President and Chief Steward