Hardship Fund Wrap Up

The Local 1857 Hardship Fund launch has concluded successfully with grants given to 40 members in good standing. 

The Hardship Fund was an idea borne of the knowledge that this past year our members were buffeted by economic downturns and fewer available KCLS hours to supplement our paychecks.  This reality – combined with careful stewardship of union finances and decreased costs to our union during the pandemic – created an opportunity to award members grants of $400. 

It is the strength of our Union and the support of our fellow members which make this possible.

All applicants met our criteria of being in good standing and, after a one week extension of the application deadline , checks were written, signed twice and mailed this past week. 

As part of the application process, we learned the money helped members make car payments, pay student loans, close out medical bills, reduce debts and better care for children among other necessities.  It was often repeated that applicants didn’t want to take away from others more in need and were grateful for this economic grant made possible by our membership. 

The Executive Board is thankful for the input of members in designing this program and the efforts of the Task Force which carried it out.  Lessons learned include streamlining data flow, helpful timelines and feedback and effective promotional methods.